The Son-Rise Program® Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact will help you to hone your skills with knowledge and mastery, rejuvenate your attitude with excitement and infuse your program with an unstoppable motivation for excellence. This course will enable you to continue teaching, training and inspiring your child at an optimum level. It provides more tools, more solutions and more inspiration to take your program to new heights.

Learn inspiration from the source with presentations from co-founders Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, the first Son-Rise Program® Mom.

Individualized sessions can be scheduled with both Bears and Samahria during the program. This week offers the most time for questions (and answers) of any program. Maximum Impact is designed for those who have completed The Son-Rise Program Start-Up, however you may bring with you other family members and support people.

You Will Learn To:

-Stand strong in the face of adversity and maintain an unwavering commitment to your program
-Be a clear, incisive and powerful trainer

-Create clear direction for your child’s curriculum and future achievement

-Keep your energy, excitement and enthusiasm at peak levels

-Reestablish baselines for your child based on their current skill level

-Run effective and powerful group meetings

-Become a powerful Force of Nature™ for your child.
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