The Son-Rise Program® New Frontiers

New Frontiers will enable you to use The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model to clearly assess your child’s social development. The course will teach you to create clear goals and then demonstrate techniques on how to keep your child moving forward. This advanced training program focuses on curriculum development and social education. Our on-site program (at our campus in Massachusetts, USA) includes special workshops taught by the founders, Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman as well as opportunities to schedule individualized sessions with both. New Frontiers is designed for those who have completed The Son-Rise Program Start-Up; however you may bring with you other family members and support people.

Intention of Program:

To enable you to clearly assess where your child is in their social development and to create clear goals, in addition to developing the skills and attitude to keep you and your child's program moving forward.

Social Curriculum:

If your child is on the Autism Spectrum, then one of the most important areas of development is the ability to create and sustain relationships and friendships. You will learn how to pinpoint where your child is in their social development.

Goal Setting:

Clearly plot where to go next in developing your child's eye contact, communication skills, interactive attention span, physical interaction and friendship skills.

Such an important aspect of running a successful Son-Rise Program®—being creative. Learn how to unblock yourself and be an ongoing creative force with your child and support team.

Games and Activities:

Learn how to build stronger interactions with your child by learning how to design games and activities, and when and how to introduce them.

Feedback training:

A strong program relies on all members of the team being as effective as they can be. Giving them loving, inspiring and direct feedback will make that happen. This week will guide you in how to understand and help your support team more.


Time will also be spent helping you recharge and reinvigorate yourself to be the best you can be for yourself, your family and your special child.
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