The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up

New Hope for Your Child. Real Help for You.

You love your child more than anything in the world. But, with an autism spectrum diagnosis, you may have been told to discard the hopes and dreams you have for your child and be "realistic." Or you may be afraid to get a diagnosis for precisely this reason.

Over the past three-plus decades of our experience with children just like yours, we've seen what they're capable of. And it's so much more than most of us have been told. The dreams that you have for your sweet child…you don't have to abandon them!

Join us for our 5-day Son-Rise Program® Start-Up course. Let us show you how much growth and change your child can really accomplish. Come learn the tools to make this growth and change happen.

The Son-Rise Program doesn't force your child to conform to a world that your child doesn't yet understand. And it doesn't ask you to push your child in a way that doesn't feel good to you. Rather, it's based upon the time-tested idea that joining our children in their own unique worlds beforeasking them to join us in ours makes it possible for them to defy their original, often-very-limited prognoses.

In the Start-Up course, you'll learn innovative, outside-the-box techniques you can use to help your child: move beyond stimming (without you stopping or discouraging your child's behavior), learn new skills (without you having to push or pressure), and, most especially, to form meaningful, caring relationships with others.
Come spend five amazing days away from the stress and strain of everyday life in the company of other parents who share similar situations – and find out how to break new ground with your child. Exciting, inspiring and diverse presentations by a group of seasoned, dedicated, and very caring teachers will deliver to you the autism strategies, expertise, motivation and knowledge honed through years of working with thousands of families and children with autism spectrum disorders.

If you're finding that the one-size-fits-all program in your local area isn't working, learn a new approach!

You are never going to give up on your child. Neither are we.

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