Too Black for BET Episode 3: Long Live Lil' Swiss

Greetings, Philadelphia! My name is Jayson Musson and this feller right next to me is my bestest friend in the whole wide world: Kurt Michael Hunte. Me and Kurt have known each other since the tender age of 10 and over the past few decades (yes, decades, we’re old as shit) we’ve collaborated on a whole host of creative projects together, from making comics in high school to making shitty rap music. Unlike most sane individuals who mature out of pissing their energy away on making art or art-adjacent projects, Kurt and I kept at it, much to the disappointment of our immigrant mothers. But what’s a bit o’ poverty in the grand scheme of creative fulfillment, right? Sure, me and Kurt could have changed gears and restructured our lives so we could become ideal partners to hypothetical spouses, then become loving parents, or even just like, be better sons to our parents, shit, maybe we could’ve even taken out a mortgage on a house then bring up our mortgage in social gatherings with equally mature-natured adults who are totally not gentrifiers, those other crackers are. Hey bro, I’m not a yuppy, I wear Vans, okay? Well anyway, the reason why I’m writing all this is because, Philadelphia, I’d like to invite you to Space 1026 on Friday, November 3 rd for an art exhibition titled Too Black for B.E.T. Episode 3: Long Live Lil’ Swiss. You should come out if you enjoy reading, watching video, and laughing. Or even if you don’t like those things (personally, I hate reading) you could just come through and chill and talk about your mortgage, or Trump, or whatever. Please bring mushrooms for Kurt.

Too Black For B.E.T. is a series of text-based, broadside posters by Jayson Musson and video art by Kurt Hunte.

First Friday
November 3rd
6pm - 10pm
Space 1026
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