Tough Mudder Atlanta - 2018

Same Epic Venue, Exciting New Course
Tough Mudder Atlanta is goin’ back to the farm. Bouckaert Farms has done such an epic job holding down the muddy fort, turning Tough Mudder Atlanta into an annual fan favorite, that we had no choice but to head back for another season. And everything you’ve heard is true. Bouckaert Farms is where good Mudders go to be great, and first-timers find their best. Just make sure you’ve got teamwork on the brain - it’s the only way to escape that Georgia mud.

10 Miles, 20+ Obstacles
Tough as tough can be, the Bouckaert Farms course is plenty intimidating. But you and your team will have the best weekend of your season as long as you stick together out in the mud at Tough Mudder Atlanta.
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