Trailer Park Tragedy Murder Mystery Dinner

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It's the annual W.T. Trailer Park BBQ and this year's blast is going to be one to remember! Well known in the community and by law enforcement agencies for its double crossing and questionable happenings, this BBQ is a recipe for disaster. However, with fine cookin' and Texas wine on the menu, all of the ill-mannered and illiterate residents are certain to be there - hair curlers and all, y'all! With too much history and not enough space, something is bound to happen to send one of the guests over the edge...and another one to their death. As the night unfolds, you will have to defend your innocence while figuring out which one of your rotten, no good neighbors is to blame for this murderous misadventure!

Messina Hof is well-known for its Murder Mysteries which are their own brand of “dinner theater”, that date back to the Middle Ages. Guests would dine and enjoy entertainment from actors and storytellers. However, with Messina Hof’s Murder Mysteries, our guests are the actors and storytellers. Before the date of the event, each guest will receive a character assignment which will help you decide on a costume.

Each Murder Mystery Dinner is led by an equally thematic host, who will “set the stage” so to speak and guide you through the story. Not only will you be treated to a delicious BBQ dinner, but will also indulge in our open bar of Messina Hof’s award-winning Texas wine. Between dinner and other themed activities, each character will be able to interact and collect clues as to who the murderer is. Or is it you? If so, then make sure you’re clever enough to avoid suspicion..
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