Trans-Pose Traditions with Jules Mitchell

* Please note this workshop is for teachers and advanced practitioners. *

Approaches to yoga asana alignment, sequencing, and breathing techniques are passed down through specific lineages. Over time, unique interpretations by each individual teacher and new translations of the material are introduced. Add some exercise science to the constantly evolving movement modality we call yoga and we have all the makings for a sequencing shakedown. In this workshop, we will add some principles in biomechanics to challenge the rote routines, upend class formatting guidelines, and think outside the pre-packaged pranayam box. Let’s use science to: Understand why it is actually safe and savvy to reverse the rules, Apply concepts in connective tissue and muscle behavior to promote specific adaptations, Gain some insight as to why it’s okay to question some of the sacred cows of yoga. Please bring a journal.

Cost for this workshop is $60 before September 29th and $70 after. Additional discounts available for AUM and Autorenew passholders. Get more out of your weekend! Register now for additional workshops at the following discounted rates:

Two workshops $110 ($130 after 9/29)
Three workshops $150 ($180 after 9/29)
Four workshops $180 ($220 after 9/29)
Five workshops $200 ($275 after 9/29)


About Jules Mitchell:
Jules Mitchell MS, CMT, ERYT500 is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher, manual therapist and educator. She combines the tradition of yoga with her background in biomechanics to create yoga programs designed to help people move better and achieve individually defined physical success. Her approach to asana is multi-modal and skill based, balancing the somatic (moving from within) aspects of yoga with exercise science principles to achieve movement goals – from simply aging well to sport specific outcomes. Active postures encourage strength while promoting joint mobility and tissue resilience, gentle postures are rooted in restorative yoga and movement variability. Jules’ education programs provide scientific support for the ancient teachings of yoga asana and pranayama.
The author of a popular science blog, Jules writes on yoga biomechanics and references the exercise science literature on topics (such as stretching) where the yoga research is lacking.
You can find her leading workshops at your favorite local studio or check out her classes online.
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