Trent@Montreat 2018

Trent@Montreat is a conference for people in the beginning stages of ministry. It’s about honing in on those practical aspects of ministry that you just can’t learn in seminary. Do you need help dealing with staff? Do you want to be able to jump into a strategic planning process without reading a million best practices that might not even work for your church? Do you want to focus on youth, young adults, social justice, or education? Do you just want to explore new paths with Paul Roberts? Come with a focus, leave with a plan – Trent@Montreat is built for you.

Trent@Montreat participants choose a track when they register and focus on that topic the whole conference. There is time together as one group for networking, worship, and socializing, but the limited-enrollment tracks let participants really get into the nitty-gritty of their chosen topic. The goal of Trent@Montreat is to help you through those things you can only learn through experience and to do so by connecting you with someone who has serious experience in that field. Trent@Montreat is a new kind of conference and what’s so amazing is that it combines the community of a large gathering with the intimacy of mentorship and coaching.
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