Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist Release

This Friday we will release Triple Barrel

“Excess equals success. Excess equals success. Excess equals success It’s time to triple down!” This was the mantra that brought us the 2017 rare release of Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist and it perfectly sums up Epic’s attitude toward brewing. Here is the bar - how do we raise it or even break it, how do we push the envelope, how do we make Epic, well, more epic? We thrive at Mach 1, with the music all the way up, our hair on fire and throwing caution to the wind.

So, that’s what we did when Kevin Crompton, our brewmaster, opened a bottle from the first run of 2016 Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist. After the first sip he said “The barrel-aged coffee in this is awesome! What other badass ingredients can we age in whiskey barrels?”

It turns out there are only a few other ingredients that have the rare ability to absorb barrel character, and the one at the top of our list that had us salivating was shaved coconut. We went straight to work on mocking up our latest idea to push our taste buds to the breaking point and the result was beyond what we imagined.

The trio of barrel-aged Imperial stout, barrel-aged Colombia Risaralda coffee, and barrel-aged coconut (yes we put coconut into barrels and let it age), plus an added dimension from using a percentage of rum barrels, come together in a ridiculously perfect way. The coconut doesn’t steal the show but it is the first thing you notice, even when you’re pouring the beer- then it mellows revealing the coffee, malt, barrel, cacao, whiskey, rum, toast, and finally, more coconut. You get the idea - this baby is big and complex.

“It’s the kind of beer that you need to just buckle up and enjoy the ride. There’s a lot going on in the beer but just like listening to music you can pick out different parts and the flavors continue to evolve as you fall down the rabbit hole,” says Brewmaster, Kevin Crompton.
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