Warped: Ingres Remixed - New Work by Cymon Padilla

19th Century French neoclassical artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres drew and painted portraits that possess subtle anatomical distortions which simultaneously give his figures a sense of vitality, and also an otherworldly cartoonishness. In this series I pay homage to Ingres by pushing those distortions near the breaking point - the figures are warped with digital tools, and then painted using traditional methods employed by Ingres in his own time. Not only is the figurative/spatial axis distorted, but also the temporal one - mixed with portraits of French nobility already dead by the late 1800's are products from 20th Century advertising, fragments of cartoons from my own childhood, and visual elements pulled from digital culture. Each piece in this series is a lens through which we can appreciate the artistic achievements of the past and also a mirror that reflects our own disorienting present.
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