What's Your Passion?

The evening consists of several OSU-Mansfield professors and several Mansfield community members explaining something they’re passionate about to us. Each person has five to ten minutes to explain what they care about most. The subject of each talk need not be what the speaker teaches or does as a profession; in fact, many of them will not be.

The range of subjects is wide and wild! The line-up of speakers currently includes Susan Delagrange, Cindy Fowler, Tracy Graziani, Norman Jones, Daniel Roemer, Scopas Poggo, David Tovey, and Josh Werner.

The ultimate goal behind “What’s Your Passion?” is to not only provide an interesting and enlightening evening for the people of Mansfield, but to also bring the worlds of downtown Mansfield and the OSU branch campus closer together. So often they seem to belong in different cities altogether. Both can benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and passion of the other. Pooling our resources is an obvious step toward the ambition of strengthening our entire community.
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