Wolverine 5K ***Sold Out***

2 June 2018
"Wolverine 5K"
Tactical Adventure Race
***Max 75 Athletes

This "Red Dawn" themed adventure race will be a test of orienteering skills using map and compass, speed & endurance, tactical tasks, diverse marksmanship skills using precision rifle, carbine and handgun in several live fire scenarios. This race can be completed solo or as a team of 3-4. Go HARDCORE competing for best score or just RECREATIOAL fun.

Event Details Overview

Race Perspective: Shoot and Tactical Tasks, Land Nav Race, Shoot and Tasks, and Finish.
• Safety brief and event rules.
• 3-4 pre race stages.
• 5K orienteering course.
• Post race 3-4 stages.
• Completion, BBQ, Awards, After Party!

Skill Notes:
•You should be proficient with MGRS maps and be able to plot 8 digit grids, determine azimuths, distance between points, etc. If you need a refresher see our Land Navigation course.

Race Levels

•1/2 sandbag weight in pack. No GPS. Prizes awarded. Carbine and pistol carried on Nav Course.

•1/4 sandbag weightin pack. GPS allowed. Weapons on course optional. No prizes awarded.

•Hardcore or Recreationalist Teams.
•Same rules as above.
•All team members will be scored individually. Team score will be an average of top 3 team members. Team must remain as one unit during the entire event.

•This event will be a cumulative time & time penalty score based event. Your base score will be your start/stop time of the orienteering course. The shooting stages will be scored to reward/penalize your baseline time. Additional time rewards for completing tactical tasking's.

Gear List Equipment Needs

•Note taking gear in water proof bag.
•Quality lensatic type compass (military version, Silva, Burton, or equivalent.)
•Military style map protractor.
•Local MGRS topographical maps provided by MTC.
•Bright colored light weight clothing suitable for outdoor training. Hiking shoes recommended.
•Durable backpack with reinforced frame.
•1/4 or 1/2 Sandbag weight provided by MTC.
•Light snacks and beverages.
•Handheld radio for safety communication. (MTC uses Motorolas channel 1-1) •Good attitude.

•Camelback or water carrier.
•Non-permanent fine point map pens.
•Bug spray and sun screen.
•Personal ghillie suit if you have one.

Weapons List:
•Ammo round count TBD (will not be a heavy round count).
•Handgun, 2-3 mags with pouches, and holster.
•Carbine, sling, 3-4 mags with pouches.
•Precision rifle system (capable of 1 MOA or better) - at least 1 per team.
•Don't have all 3 weapon types? Borrow, swap, skip that shooting stage.

2018 Sponsors:
Marksmanship Training Center
Modular Driven Technologies (MDT)
AMF Defense
Fenix Ammunition
Pierce Engineering Ltd.
Trijicon, Inc.
Bare Knuckle Suppliments
Black Widow Armament
Gundo Holsters

2017 Race Sponsors:
Marksmanship Training Center
Modular Driven Technologies (MDT)
Gundo Holsters
Black Widow Armament
Pierce Engineering, Ltd.
Oral I.V.
Midway USA
Defiance Machine
Hill People Gear
Aero Precision
XSteel Targets
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