Yoga Nidra Club


Kicking off November 1, 2017

The Yoga Nidra Club will lead you on a life-changing journey – and I really mean live changing! Every month, we will explore a theme. Tailored to that theme, you will receive tools for your meditation and asana practice:

a 20 minute recorded yoga nidra meditation for each day
a 40 minute recorded yoga nidra for each week, or when you have more time
a yoga practice to accompany the theme and meditation
weekly blog posts that provide more thoughts and information regarding the theme
an energy exercise that can be used to further expand your yoga nidra experience.

This robust toolkit will enable you to really experience yoga: the ability to quiet your mind and connect with your true Self. It will provide a home practice to augment your Yoga For The Peaceful, or other studio, experience.

We will be offering, at the Yoga For The Peaceful studios:

A live 60 yoga nidra class
* The 1st Friday of the month, 5:30 – 6:30, CB South

A non-lead yoga nidra class (the 20 minute recording)
* Wednesdays, 12:15, Elk Avenue

The monthly yoga practice
* The 1st 10:30 Saturday Slow Flow of the month, Elk Avenue
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