Yoga Nidra Guided Visualization and Regression Workshop

In this workshop we will journey deep into the hidden recesses of the inner mind. The inner mind, the unconscious and subconscious, consists of all memories and doorways to spiritual awareness: all the tools we need for accessing a greater sense of inner wisdom for self-healing. Through simply witnessing what the inner mind reveals, in this safe, nurturing environment, we can release blockages in our daily lives. We will have the opportunity to reprogram our brain with a greater sense of self-love, self-awareness and confidence in our own innate ability to create the lives we desire.

This workshop will consist of a brief asana practice created to open and calm the mind through releasing and aligning the physical and energetic bodies in order to access the subconscious and unconscious, a candle meditation to awaken the inner mind's eye, followed by basic pranayama breathing exercises to calm the mind and body. Then, through a series of guided visualizations, accompanied by sound vibrations, created through live drumming, sound bowls and flute music, we will enter a deep state of relaxation where all memories are accessible. We will create the space to release blockages in our current life, receive tools for healing and personal growth, as well as opening the possibility to venture into deeper past life memories.

Regardless of where your journey takes you, you are guaranteed to leave this workshop deeply relaxed, more balanced and with a greater sense of awareness of the limitless powers of the inner self.

Please bring a yoga mat and a writing implement and journal or notebook in order to record your experience in words and or images.

Price is $35.


Call: (305) 670-2010

3-Hour Complimentary Parking at Downtown Dadeland.
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