Yoga Nidra Mini-Retreat with Lisa Danahy [OL]

Gentle Stretching & Guided Relaxation to Refresh, Renew, Restore

Experience deeper levels of inner relaxation than you ever imagined possible.

Release tension in joints, muscles, and throughout the whole body as you engage in gentle stretching and breathing practices followed by supported, guided meditation for relaxation.

Give yourself permission to rest, balance, and restore, tapping into new sources of energy.

This inspired meditation practice will awaken your whole being, allowing you to enjoy life fully.

There is nothing required of you but to lie down, care for yourself, and listen.

Through the use of body sensing, breath awareness, guided imagery and other practices, you will be systematically guided on a journey through your whole being.

Switch from flight or fight into the relaxation response – your body’s natural healing state and bring on revitalization, regeneration, equilibrium, and deep healing.

Feel a new connection with yourself like you’ve never felt before, letting go of everyday concerns, limiting beliefs, and anything holding you back from being your best self, fully alive and thriving.

$25 (10% off for Monthly Members)
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