Yoga with Joan Hyman Fri-Sun Nov 3-5

Friday night November 3rd – Northern Liberties
6-8pm Master Class “Opening the Hips through a Mixture of Yin and Yang”

Saturday November 4th – Rittenhouse
12-2pm Unlocking Tension in the Neck and Shoulders: A full asana practice with special attention paid to protecting the neck and keeping it aligned. This class will focus on twists but end with back bends.
2:30-5pm Pranayama and the Koshas: Pranayama removes the veil covering the light of knowledge and destroys delusion which allows the inner light of wisdom to shine. This lecture will include a brief discussion about the benefits of pranayama and the subtle body including the five koshas which are known as the layers in our bodies. We will discuss healthy habits in keeping our inner body bright and learn pranayama practices to help you shine bright from the inside out! The lecture will be followed by a pranayama practice and brief meditation on awakening our inner light.

Sunday November 5th – Rittenhouse
12-2pm Yogis Take Flight: Advanced practice including hand stands and arm balances.
2:30-5pm Ayurveda, Self Care & Food for Healing: Learn the daily rituals that you can do for 24-hour self-care and how to integrate the science of Ayurveda into your life. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, teaching us how to live our lives in harmony with nature. To live yoga, Ayurveda and self care together will enhance the benefits of our practice and longevity. Learn about how the food you eat will affect our practice and our well-being and which foods and certain tastes will bring more balance into your lives.

fees – you can tender payment in person, by calling 215-222-9642 (YOGA), by creating an account in our software at or via Venmo — search @peaceandpizza — we will send you a confirmation upon receipt.

$35 for the 6-8pm Fri or 12-2 Sat/Sun classes $45 for the 2:30-5 classes Sat/Sun; Entire weekend for $150 (inlcudes all 5 classes)
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