Alpacas of York

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Conveniently located in York County in South Central Pennsylvania, near
Harrisburg, Lancaster, Gettysburg and Baltimore.

Alpacas of York is located on a picturesque 35 acre farm situated on top of
Grantley Road hill with a beautiful panoramic view of York County. The farm
was established in 1835 and was originally 210 acres. The original farm
house is still standing. In the early days, the farm was a dairy farm and later, a
truck farm selling fruits and vegetables and growing grain. In more recent
years, the original barn and half the pastures are home to horses.
In 2007, a new barn was constructed for the raising and breeding of alpacas.

From the moment we first toured an alpaca farm, we were enchanted with
these gentle animals. There is nothing more heartwarming than to see
alpacas frolicking in the pasture. These wonderful animals are a delight to the
senses and we would love the opportunity to give you a tour of the farm and
introduce you to the world of alpacas. Our goal is to remain fairly small so we
can concentrate on the breeding and raising of quality alpacas with regard to
conformation, fleece and health.
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