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How it started…..

Angela had always loved horses and when she was 11 she took her first riding lesson, from that moment on Angela knew horses would always be a major part of her life. When Angela was twelve she went to many Natural Horsemanship Clinics and when she was 13 she went to Colorado to study under Pat Parelli for two weeks. Angela continued her education taking lessons at the Diettrich Farm where she is now the head counselor of the summer camp program.

Angela graduated from University of WisconsinRiver Falls with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science Equine Management. She has been riding for many years, learning from a variety of instructors,which has culminated into her unique and rewarding teaching style. She iseager to learn as much as she can and looks forward to “working with horses andhumans.” She began with barrel racing her Appaloosa mare, and thenprogressed into natural horsemanship. Schooling followed where she gainedknowledge in reining allowing her to participate in the colleges “Colts inTraining” program for six semesters. Upon graduation she traveled toaudit many different colt starting programs including Lee Smith, an unparalleledhorsewoman who was predecessor to one of the founders of horsemanship, RayHunt.

Angela is now participatingin Dressage and Jumping lessons to allow a better understanding of the Englishdisciplines.

Angela graduated with a Bachelors degree in May of 2010. She then decided to further her education and attend an Equine Massage Therapy course. She now offers Sports Massage Therapy for all breeds and types of riding.

Angela has started her own business and is now ready to offer her knowledge to the Equine World.

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