Distino Equestrian Center

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Growing up in the Midwest Julie was brought up with the experience of many types of training. With a strong influence early on from horsemen and women such as Ray Hunt, Jack Brainard and Carol Grant, Julie learned that the horse was not an outlet for ambition, but a partner to be honored and developed with great tact. She spent much of her time early on applying and adding depth to that philosophy as she earned her way through college starting colts. With the passion for functional riding, Julie pursued her USTRC card for team roping and also spent much time ranch riding and working cattle. As an educator by training, Julie was offered a position in 2001 as Operations Manager and Program Developer of the Classical Dressage riding program of Sons of the Wind, School of Equestrian Arts located in New Hampshire. With her focus on progressive training of the rider, she organized a local and visiting rider program that developed the seat and aids of up through the levels to riders of all disciplines. For the next 15 years, she taught, trained, competed and performed at venues such as Equine Affaire, Equitana, and Midwest Horse Fair, through the upper levels of dressage with the Sons of the Wind Lusitanos. Maintaining her passion for applying the principles of dressage to a task and providing confidence building exercises for her students, Julie utilized Working Equitation as a tool for progressing her students and creating a fun learning experience!

This year Julie moved to Palm Bay Florida, full time, to establish “Distino Equestrian Center” with her husband, Joe Aguiar. Here the focus of all programs are based in Classical Dressage . Western Dressage and Applying those principles in Western Dressage and Working Equitation. Here, Julie maintains her philosophy that riders of ALL levels can enjoy the process of developing an effective seat and use of aids while learning and enjoying the principles of dressage and its function in riding for a task.
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