Duluth Minnesota Fire Department

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The Duluth Fire Department is a modern day Firefighting force comprised of 132 uniformed firefighters and support staff, providing All Hazard Response, Prevention, Inspection and Emergency Management to the residents and vistors to the City of Duluth. In 2013, the DFD responded to 11,363 incidents. We are strategically placed throughout the city limits with 8 stations. These stations are occupied and ready to respond 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The DFD is well trained in all aspects of a modern day professional Firefighting Force. We are ready to fight fire, respond to medical emergencies, car accidents, perform technical rescue, confined space, hazardous material incidents, fire prevention and investigations, and anything else we may encounter. The Building Safety Division has also joined the Fire Department to provide life safety through progressive building and housing code enforcement.

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