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A comfortable home is a happy home. That's why thousands of families choose Fujitsu General’s heating and cooling systems for whisper-quiet, energy-efficient heating and cooling for their homes. Halcyon ductless units are sleek, requiring no ductwork and allow for flexible, room-by-room temperature control. And with available utility rebates, the savings start on day one. Fujitsu’s Airstage line of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems provides and efficient heating and cooling solution for an entire building using advanced controls and simple building management integration. In 2017 Fujitsu introduced a line of central air conditioners, heat pumps and gas furnaces to round out our offering of heating and cooling systems.

Fujitsu General America, Inc.
U.S. Headquarters
Toll Free: (888) 888-3424
Local (NJ): (973) 575-0380
Main Fax: (973) 575-2194

Service Department
Toll Free: (866) 952-8324
Tel: Local (NJ): (973) 575-0381
Fax: Main: (973) 836-0449
Tech Support Email:
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