Iggy's Alive & Cultured

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We craft the finest raw fermented food & drink on the market, where every one of our ingredients has a story, sourced not only organic & local with the season, but direct from farmers, wildcrafters & beekeepers we know & trust. We provide our region with krauts, kim chee, beet kvass, herbal honeybrew kombucha, hot sauce & seasonal delicacies. We ferment all of our products in small batches using traditional methods–never using pasteurization or preservatives, ensuring that Iggy’s foods are always raw, probiotic, healthful & delicious.
We delight in the double meaning of the word culture, and see the revival of traditional cultured foods as playing a primary role in reclaiming our cultural identity, a remedy to modern day homogenization, sterility, and industrialization. It is our mission to serve local living culture. As Sandor Katz reminds us, "microorganisms are never found in isolation; they exist in communities” -- “mixed cultures are the rule of nature.” It is with this in mind that we say "Alone we rot. Together we Ferment!"
We are a grass-roots community company run by 'plant-people' who ferment with reverence in the spirit of the old-world Green Man mythological personification of natures' vitality, who enthusiastically proclaims, "I am thought of all plants!"
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