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On or behind stage, you're invited to become part of Illinois College TheatreWorks. Whether you've been involved in high school productions or are new to the theatre, there are many opportunities for students with various interests. If you are a performer, or want to try performing, we offer several opportunities each year. From our mainstage plays, to student-directed one-acts, and an improv troupe, we have plenty of space on stage for all interested IC students. For those who are curious about creating original work, we also have a theatre troupe focused on devised work and community engagement, taking sexual and domestic violence prevention and education into area schools.

If you are more interested in behind-the-scenes work, TheatreWorks has plenty to offer by way of sound, lighting, and scenic design opportunities, set and costume construction, stage management, scenic painting, and box office and business management.

TheatreWorks produces two or three main-stage shows and several student-directed shows each academic year. We have two theatres: Sibert Theatre, a 250-seat modified thrust theatre; and the Illinois College Experimental Blackbox Theatre or the ICEBOX. Committed to staging a variety of works including classics, new works, and musicals, we also experiment with a variety of theatrical styles, from realism to theatricalism. This year our theme is Betrayal. As human beings, we are familiar with the sting of betrayal. Whether committed by a romantic partner, friend, parent, co-worker, the system, or in the name of God, the outcome is a shattering of faith. This season, TheatreWorks examines the act, and outcomes, of betrayal. Medea by Euripides highlights a husband’s betrayal and the revenge enacted by the cast-off wife. Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Love of the Nightingale revisits the theme of marital betrayal, with additional insult when the straying husband takes for his unwilling mistress the wife’s own sister. Both plays remind us that in many so-called private betrayals the consequences often reach past the individuals involved and wreak havoc upon the innocent. Our season also includes the modern language one-act plays performed in the ICEBOX, our studio space. Peach Boy is a Japanese folktale, and The White Uniform is a Spanish play that examines social class. They both uniquely embody the theme of betrayal in provoking ways. We look forward to seeing YOU at the theatre this season!

As noted above, students play a vital role in the operation of TheatreWorks from staffing the box office, to house management, to publicity, to work on set and lights, to costume design and construction, to makeup artists. Paid student positions are available in many of these areas. Students also receive academic credit for production work.

Most jobs in the professional theatre require a master's degree, and our program prepares students for graduate school in theatre and in related areas. But we are also training students to enter the 21st-century workforce at large by training them in creative problem-solving, leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, and integrity. Despite claims that a theatre degree is "impractical," it teaches many valuable skills highly prized by employers in a multitude of fields. Some of the career paths you could pursue upon graduation include actor, designer (lights, set, sound, props, costume), director, makeup artist, stage manager, set builder, scene painter, light or sound engineer, playwright, box office manager, exhibit/display designer, talent scout, casting director, amusement park entertainer, tour guide, paralegal, admissions director, advertising/marketing specialist, business manager, residential life coordinator, movie theatre manager, media salesperson, public relations specialist, and radio/TV announcer.
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