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Back in 2000, finding an unbiased, informed, and affordable place to buy supplements was near impossible. Websites and discussion boards have become questionable and full of mis-information. Local gym gurus have entrusted the latest magazine advertising hype; so Nutrition Direct was founded to change all that. Gone are the folklore & supplement myths. It’s just straight supplement facts and knowledge.

You have goals for elevating your performance, and so do we. What separates Nutrition Direct from other supplement stores is the relentless pursuit of newer, better, and more cost effective sports nutrition products. Whether it’s introducing a revolutionary pre-workout product like Unleashed or redefining taste & quality with Nutrition Direct‘s all Isolate Whey Protein, we’re always pushing the possibilities for greater potential. We will not sell you the latest hype, instead well show you the latest in effective products that work, and we’ll show you how to recognize those products as well.

What we’re about isn’t just selling supplements to people at low prices — although we do that very well. Nutrition Direct is about something more than that.

Our core value is that we believe people with passion can change themselves for the better. They can make a positive difference in their life.

We get the opportunity to work with people like that every day. The opportunity to work with people like you; with athletes, with people fighting obesity, people fighting cancer, people who have had to conquer adversity in both big and small ways.

Since Nutrition Direct’s inception in 2000, that core value hasn’t changed. We are here be a positive influence in your life, helping guide you to being the person you want to be, both mentally and physically.

And Thank You to all of our customers that have allowed us to be a part of your progress.

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