Odessa First Assembly

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Loving God. Loving People. Growing Together. That’s what Biblical Christianity is really all about. And that’s what you will experience at First Assembly of God in Odessa. Our passion is to cause you to fall deeper in love with God, others and with life. Our mission is growing people. Our vision is to be as a shade tree in the desert.

A shade tree in the desert. That’s what you’ll discover at First Assembly. A place to cool off, refresh and renew as you connect with God through worship, the word and with others. Let’s be real. Life can really heat up at times. Raising kids, loving your spouse and pleasing your boss can get your temperature rising. Paying the bills and the IRS can take it out of us. We all need a place to renew, refresh, reflect and refocus before we get back out on the desert highway.

So come out of the heat for a while and join us any Sunday or Wednesday at the desert shade tree, Odessa’s First Assembly of God. We look forward to meeting you!

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