Parker Homestead-1665

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Julia Parker, eighth generation descendant of Parker homesteaders and last to live on the property, died without an heir in 1995. She had gifted the original house, out buildings, remaining land from the Monmouth Patent grant, to Little Silver and then willed all of the contents of the buildings to the town of Little Silver with the stipulation that the property only be used as a historic site known as The Parker Homestead - 1665. Conditions of the gift require that the town "never allow the subject property to be used, either actively or passively, in any manner or fashion other than as a historic site ... never remove or change the character of any of the buildings and/or structures situated on the property ... improvements which must be made to restore or maintain the integrity of the buildings, must be made in accordance with the standards established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation." historic site

Since that time, the borough has stabilized the farmhouse, painting the exterior and rebuilding the porch. The contents of the house have been removed and ADA and HVAC improvements made. Historic studies have been made allowing the property to be placed on both the National Register of Historic Places and the New Jersey State Registry. historic site

A group of interested residents has formed a non-profit corporation and has filed for 501c3 tax charitable status to facilitate the raising of the necessary funds to further preserve the homestead, farm buildings and the collection of farm equipment and furnishings. Needed stabilization work on the barns is being planned and plans for future educational and recreational activities are being formed.
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