Peter Wentz Homestead

Landmark & Historical Place 2030 Shearer Rd, Lansdale, United States View on Facebook
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Peter Wentz Farmstead is a historical German American farm which has been continuously farmed since 1744. It is located in Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania near Lansdale.HistoryThe first family to till this land was Peter and Rosanna Wentz and their 6 children. Peter inherited the property from his father who may have purchased it as early as 1710. It was sold to Dewalt Bieber in 1784 and then to Melchior Schultz, a minister of the Schwenkfelder faith, in 1794. Schultz family descendants owned the home until 1969 when it was purchased by the County of Montgomery. The Georgian style mansion was built in 1758, and is a large 2 1/2-story, dwelling with attached summer kitchen and bake oven. The main house consists of two floors with four rooms and a large hallway on both, a cellar with a spring house and a full attic. The front facade is built of dressed red sandstone and the remainder of the building is built on uncut sandstone. Nearby is a red building that has a visitor center with restrooms and a gift-shop and employees offices upstairs. Also on the property, there are many reconstructed outbuildings; Privy, smokehouse, woodshed, ice-house, barn, chicken house and sheepfold. Currently the farm has sheep, cows, pigs, horses and chickens.
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