Pick Up The Pen Calligraphy

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My love for lettering started as a little girl, copying my mama's handwriting on the living room floor. It didn't take much to keep my occupied. She'd write out the alphabet and I'd do my best to make it "exactly just-so".

In junior high, my friends and I loved making each other signs to hang on our walls with our names and fun inside jokes.

Throughout high school and college, I always got complimented on my handwriting (probably my very favorite compliment ever next to telling me I look like my mama).

One day, a friend asked me to address her wedding invitations and a love for hand-lettering became a business. I love trying new things and new mediums to letter. Right now, I mostly work with brush lettering and pointed pen and my clients challenge my skills everyday!

So thankful to do something I love. Let me make you something beautiful.
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