River Cities Festival in Miami Springs, FL

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To be determined and finalized on a future date!

2018 Festival: is a mixing old and new

Mark the dates on your calendar
for next year’s River
Cities Festival: Starts Friday April 13, 14, and 15,
, 2018.

Below is being Updated in the near future. For the 2018 festival

The annual three day
happening on the Circle
and along Canal Street in
Miami Springs will be celebrating
its 40 plus years
in 2018 and the planning is
well under way.
The Festival Committee met
at the Lions Club on Monday
night and discussed how we can
make the 2017 edition better
than ever. There are always new
ideas thrown out and some will
stick. But the tried and true
facets of the River Cities
Festival will continue next year
and beyond.
We are always looking for
volunteers with new ideas that
will bring more people to the
family-oriented festival and
allow the regulars who attend
every year to enjoy it more. All
the committee asks is that you be
willing to work to make your
idea come to fruition next April
Our next open-to-the-public
meeting at the Lions Club is
Monday, May. 15, 2017 at 7 p.m.
and it’s not too late for you to
help in 2018. You are welcome
to come see how the inner workings
of planning the largest single
event in Miami Springs take
place and to help make it happen.

Some of the new ideas for
2018 include a Teen Club, a
Jeep Show, an area for family
portraits, and three days,
instead of two, for the Arts &
Crafts vendors. Of course,
there will be Salsa Night on
Friday, a 5K race and a Mega
Reunion on Saturday, along
with a Cake-Bake, Dog Show
and Chili Showdown on

We are all excited about making
the Teen Club happen. The
plans are to provide the most
neglected age group at the
Festival with a private location to listen to their kind of music, mingle
in a casual setting, and enjoy
non-alcoholic beverages and
food service.
Teen Club on Friday
and Saturday night. Of course,
there will have to be excellent
security, strict rules on “teens
only” allowed, and festival staff
members inside at all times. The
location and details are still
being worked on and YOUR
input is welcome.

DJ WiWi (Jorge Lee) runs the
Salsa Night at the stage on the
East end of Canal Street and has
a lot to do with the new Miami Dade County High Schools
Reunion in the same area on
Saturday night. But he is willing
to do even more and is proposing
to the committee a “Jeep
Show” that would take place in
the parking lot behind Sabores
on Sunday afternoon.
Jorge promises to have
upwards of 50 unique Jeeps of
all colors, styles and designs that
will appear at our festival on
Sunday afternoon and show off
their rides. They will bring family
and friends to partake in our
festival and attendees can mingle
with “Jeeps” like they have never
seen before.
Julie Arias, a volunteer who
became a part of the committee
just last year, is taking over the
Gazebo and has some great
ideas. Her “princess” photos
were a hit there at this year’s festival
and she is adding a “family
portrait” area for 2018.
There are few opportunities
for families to take a quality portrait
from a professional photographer
at the minimal cost Julie
will charge.
The River Cities
Festival is about family participation
and an instant “memory”
of that time and place will be
available at the Gazebo all three
Entertainment at the Main
Stage behind the Gazebo is
always an important facet of the
River Cities Festival

Of course, the usual variety of
food, beverage and craft vendors
will be everywhere at the 2018
River Cities Festival for you to
enjoy at all times, from Friday,
April 13 at 5:30 until Sunday
night April 15 at 9 p.m. See you

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