She: Southridge Ladies Ministry

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She represents you...and me... She is the average Christian woman, but what does that look like? Well, she is a teacher, she is a mom, she is a nurse, she is leader, she is a wife, she is a student, she is an accountant, she is a caregiver, she is a grandmother, she is retired, she is a physical therapist, she is someone who struggles, she is depressed, she has been abused, she is a widow, she wonders what her purpose is, she is confident, she endures, she is a little mixture of everything... She is you, she is me.

It is because she needs a break or an escape, because she needs connection, conversation and fellowship, because she needs direction and mentorship, because she wants to take action, because she’s ambitious and compassionate, that we are here.

It is our hope that through connecting with one another and growing together, you might be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to be all that God has called you to be. That we might become, together, a group of Christ-centered women impacting lives around the corner and around the world.
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