Spartanburg Housing Authority

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The amazing strides the Spartanburg Housing Authority has made over the past year are a result of our ability to both grow and effectively meet the needs of this community. It is difficult to convey the total magnitude of work that SHA accomplished in 2012.

The impact of these gains is tremendous both for families and this community. I hope it resonates with you, too. Our enthusiasm to continue impacting Spartanburg is a consequence of the organization’s leadership, dedicated staff and insights of my fellow commissioners.

At Spartanburg Housing Authority, we have a conviction to PROMOTE EXCELLENCE and continue to advance programs that propel SHA beyond providing safe and comfortable housing. Our goal is to create independence for the families we serve.

From the expansion of our educational components to the further development of our programs with proven success rates, we have capitalized on our promising situation and further amplified the reach and impact of the SHA to advocate for and elevate even more of the citizens of Spartanburg. By capitalizing on our three natural pillars in our community: our programs, our people and our partnerships, through which we have been able to maximize opportunities at every chance, we are on the road to a Brand New Day at SHA.

Our successes would not have been possible were it not for the devotion of SHA staff to continually promote excellence in all of their endeavors. I look forward to another awe-inspiring year of advancement and gains for this community.

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