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Carolyn Glasoe was nineteen years old when she started her first fine art gallery in her hometown of Minneapolis with business partner Kim Montgomery. Kim and Carolyn had met a local gallery where they were co-workers. They began their joint gallery with the belief that there was a better way to educate art collectors about supporting emerging artists, paying for artist’s work (first rather than last as a majority of the art world practiced at the time) and selling fine art with a strong secondary market value. They ran Montgomery Glasoe for 6 years. The Minneapolis art scene thrived at this time due to the concentrated art scene that had begun in the city’s Warehouse District. Carolyn believed that Minnesota artists needed to be recognized outside of the State before collectors, mainly other Minnesota collectors, would pay attention to their careers. In 2000, she co-founded the Dee Glasoe Gallery in the Chelsea Art District of NYC, taking many of the talents she had discovered in Minnesota on as her resident artists. Some of the artists included David Rathman, Rob Fischer, and Chris Larson. In 2002, Post 9/11, Carolyn returned to her home base of Ojai, CA concentrating on curating private art collections for her collectors around the world. She continued to support and encourage the artists she represented in Minneapolis and New York and countless others she had met along the way like Ry Rocklen, whose work she had discovered in Los Angeles and Charlotta Westergren whose work she discover at Art Omi. Carolyn served as Board President of the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara for many years and hosted many of their Art Openings. Carolyn’s life ended tragically at the young age of 46 after a year and a half battle with Glioblastoma brain cancer. She was mother to a beautiful nine year old boy Matson West Bailey and wife to entrepreneur Chris Bailey. Her Foundation The Carolyn GlasoeBailey Foundation was started by her sister Lila Glasoe Francese who serves as President of the Foundation.
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