The Well Stewarded Life

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A lover of long beards, craft beer, home brewing, and taking his wife on dates to the gun range, Curtis brings humor and a unique perspective to life, often found singing and talking long before coffee.

If you spend any time with Curtis you'll probably pick up on his strong man crush towards Tim Keller and Wayne Grudem, or basically all things theology. But his deepest love is directed towards Jesus, his wife, and his family.

An avid lover of Jesus, coffee, and her early, quiet mornings she believes talking before coffee should be considered a crime. An overuser of hashtags and a sucker for an inspirational quote, if she's not on social media she can probably be found sticking and ironing on "all the things."

If you spend any time with Christie you'll see Jesus is using her past dealings with insecurity, divorce, depression, and a highly dysfunctional relationship with food to equip others with the truth and freedom that she's been given.
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