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At TomatoPatch Treasures, we offer vintage and vintage inspired decor. We mix rustic, modern, and refurbished elements, for a vibe that is as eclectic as it is inviting. We design and chose products we love, and seek out those things that bring a unique warmth to the home and garden.

Designers Suzanne Beltramo and Rose Cricchio hail from Italian heritage. Their love of treasure hunting and foraging sales, auctions and open markets, create a passion for creativity that is audacious.

Vintage decor is a much more that a specific style, its a state of mind.
Homes are meant to be lived in and decorated with things that speak to you, whether they are passed down in your family or newly made.

Vintage and refurbished furniture can be transformed into real treasures, creating a home that will be as cool as you are.

Many of the items we lovingly refurbish are found items, and even family treasures that have been given new life. Don't be afraid to upcycle! It's not only good for the soul, it's even better for our planet.
Be selective with the things you use at home, because you deserve it, and so does Mother Earth.

By choosing reclaimed or recycled items as often as you can, you're actively making a greener choice.
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