Town of Beloit Fire Department

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Since officially forming the Town of Beloit Fire Department in the summer of 1956, the Fire Department has been providing quality emergency services to residents and visitors in the area. In the beginning, the Town hired Chief Charles J. Morris as the first Fire Chief who was given the task to build a fire station (which included the Chief's residence), order equipment, including the first fire engine, recruit firefighters, and train them. The original roster, four fulltime and 25 volunteers, began training in the basics of firemanship in September 1956 using the Town Hall as their classroom. In February 1957, Fire Station #1 was dedicated along with Engine No.1 and the Fire Department officially went into business with the first structure fire occurring the next day at Pat’s Market on Madison Road.

Shortly after, Engine No. 2, a pumper/tanker, was purchased and housed at station #1. In 1959, Engine No. 24, a small pumper, was purchased to be used primarily for grass and brush fires. In 1967, Engine No. 25, a GMC tanker was purchased and placed in service.

In 1969, Fire Station #2 on Inman Parkway was built and housed Engine No. 1 and Engine No.24. Four more fulltime firefighters were hired and crews began to work a 24 hour on/24 hour off rotation with two personnel plus the Chief at station #1 and two personnel at station #2. For economical reasons in 1974, station #2 was closed and two fulltime firefighter positions were eliminated. The station continued to house the two engines that were utilized when needed. Station #2 currently is housing one engine staffed by off duty personnel.

Through the years, the Town’s needs were such that a combination full-time/paid-on-call department was warranted to provide for the needs of the area. Today, the Fire Department consists of ten full-time firefighters, including the Chief and Assistant Chief, and thirty-one paid-on-call firefighters. The firefighters are divided up into three platoons with three full-time and ten paid-on-call firefighters assigned to each platoon divided between the two stations.

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