United Western Enterprises, Inc.

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About us:

United Western Enterprises (UWE) is a supplier of thin, photochemically etched (or machined) metal parts. UWE supplies parts to a variety of different markets, including the aerospace, biomedical, and commercial electronics markets.


United Western Enterprises was founded in Santa Monica, California in 1969 as a support facility for a publishing company. Shortly thereafter, United Western Enterprises began producing parts for other companies as a custom job shop. United Western Enterprises then moved to a larger facility in Newbury Park, California in 1978, where we focused primarily on the aerospace industry. As the aerospace industry slowed, United Western Enterprises adjusted its base and developed its role as a supplier of parts to the biomedical and consumer electronics industries. As our growth continued, United Western Enterprises settled into a 21,000 square foot building in 1992 in Camarillo, California. In addition to our photochemical etching services, United Western Enterprises has recently acquired the equipment and personnel to process graphic film for customers, as well as perform forming, laser welding, soldering, and various other value added processes.

Please visit our website, http://www.uweinc.com, for more information.

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