7 days WSTRN Caribbean Cruise from Florida! No Passports!

7 Day Cruise from Port Caniveral Florida on Carnival Breeze
Book right now, today, with a $50 deposit.

What’s Included
7 Days aboard Carnival’s Breeze.

All accommodations, meals, entertainment and most onboard activitiesAll taxes and port charges.

What’s NOT Included
Transportation to and from the ship (you can set this up on my booking site, or give me a call and I'll do it for you :D You can even put your plane tickets on Layaway! :D), and whether you book them through me, or through someone else, or put them on layaway, if you need help booking flights that corrospond with your cruise, do let me know!

Transfer from the airport to the cruiseship is not included, however, I will provide a purchasable option as we get closer to the cruise date.
Gratuities are not included. You can pay these now, later, or when you board.

This Cruise is held on the Carnival Breeze

(Check back here for this tomorrow, Im getting sleepy! :D)

-Please adhere to deposit deadlines, failure to do so will result in cancellation of your reservations.

-Passports are not required but are suggested.

-A birth certificate is required from vital statistics with the official seal.

Payments can be made by calling Cathy at 503-574-0348

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