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Experiment Chakra Layouts and Workshop:

A Day spent exploring the 13 chakras. Find out where they are, what they are connected to within the body and why it is so important to everyone that our chakra system remains in balance and free flowing. We look at the purpose of the chakras and the effects of what blockages in the chakra system has on our physical body. Investigate which of your chakras is blocked or unbalanced before looking at what crystals we can use to create a layout to personal to you.

A knowledge of crystals would be an advantage to do this course, but is not essential as we will be looking at which crystals are suitable for use on each chakra during the workshop.

The course also covers how to use a pendulum to check your chakras on a daily basis to keep them clear and balanced, thus allowing your metaphysical body to keep you in good health.

Although we will look at doing a traditional chakra balancing layout, this course takes it one step further by looking at using a variety of crystals on the one chakra. We also look at how you can obtain a large number of crystals at a very small price, allowing you to have a good collection of smaller crystals to create layouts.

The day is light hearted and fun. If you have any crystals of your own, you are welcome to bring them along.

We run this course twice a year on Wednesdays. You can also request a one to one workshop which can be run on a day that is both convenient to you and to us.
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