Citizen Science Manta Research Expedition to Socorro

Join the amazing crew of Quino El Guardian and Dr. Robert Rubin on one of the most inspiring dive adventures of your lifetime!

The primary work will be placing tags on mantas, getting photo identification images and sex/size ratios and collecting and replacing receivers. Dr. Rubin also involves divers on cleaning station observations and plankton ID and manta feeding at the lava field if the water is calm. Tissue sampling is also possible to obtain DNA for later lab use and to establish kinship relationships.

Daily presentations include the evolution of sharks and rays, past photo ID work to show manta movement, manta feeding, sex and reproduction, conservation, and cleaning symbiosis and interaction with other animals.

Take part as much or as little as you like!


Bob has a Ph.D. degree in physiological ecology and is presently on the faculty of Santa Rosa College where he teaches courses in marine biology and human anatomy. He has been teaching for several decades, and has conducted field and laboratory research on the ecology and physiology of such diverse groups as fish eating bats, elephants, hooded and harp seals, sea birds, desert dwelling rodents and, for the past twenty-five years, on manta rays in the sub tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans.
He has received numerous awards including “The California College and University Professor of the Year”. His research on manta rays has been the subject of media productions for NOVA, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, World of Wonder, BBC, Animal Planet, Blue Realm, and most recently as a TEDx invited presentation.

Depart from San Jose Del Cabo to Archipieelago de Revillagigedo (Socorro Islands).
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