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Mediumship Workshop:

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This workshop is suitable for anyone who is wishing to explore their mediumship skills or to work on those they already have.It is also suitable for those who are just lacking in self belief or self confidence.
It follows on from the Psychic Development Workshop and allows you to gain more confidence in your own abilities. It is advisable to have done the Psychic Development Workshop first or to have a knowledge in the basics of Psychic Development such as Grounding and Protection. The workshop explores various ways in which you can connect with your guides and loved ones on a daily basis.

You will also receive guidance on how to perform a mediumship reading for someone else by using what you have around you as well as tools such as Tarot Cards and crystals.

Learning Objectives

Looking at what Mediumship is
How to connect with your guides
How to connect with spirit through the Tarot and Oracle Cards
How to perform a spirit rescue
Using day to day items to conenct with your guides.
Being in control
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