Reiki Degree One Chadderton

Reiki is such a blessing, I feel incredibly lucky everyday to have it in my life. I run small, intermittent 2 days courses to share with others how to work with this beautiful energy & become more attuned with every layer of yourself. 🙌🏼💕

There are so many elements to this course, you can expect to learn how to:

🌟Protecting your energy
🌟Cleanse your energy
🌟Work with your reiki guides
🌟Connect with your higher self
🌟Learn self treatments
🌟Learn how to share healing with others
🌟Gain in-depth knowledge about chakras 🌟Balance all aspects of the mind body and soul.
🌟You can use it to support your children & loved ones.
🌟Nurture pain, teething & migraines.
🌟Release toxic relationships
🌟Learn to meditate
🌟Release old patterns
There are many different courses out there , some very practical and others have very much lost their authenticity. Different approaches will suit different people. Some now offer the course in a day, or level 1 & 2 together. Mine is true to Usui's teachings and quite a spiritual journey, we need the 2 days to truly embrace the teachings & a 12 month gap is advised between levels to allow you time to grow into the energy . 🙏🏼

Reiki really is incredible, it brings an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. So if you’re a stressy person healing would work wonders for you.

It also helps promote
💕Superior sleep
💕Clarity of mind
💕Boosts immune system
💕Balances the chakra system
💕Relieves migraines and headaches
💕Reduces Depression
💕Reduces Anxiety / Stress
💕Minimise/Deminish Panic Attacks

My honest opinion is that Reiki is a life changer & that everybody should do the first level. It's about healing yourself not others 🙏🏼

My investment to you as my Reiki student is priceless in my eyes, as on going support is greatly needed to help you grow into the energy & embrace Reiki fully.

If you feel we are right for each other please get in touch. 🙏🏼💕🌟
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