Reiki Degree One Chadderton

Reiki is such a blessing, I feel incredibly lucky everyday to have it in my life. I run small, intermittent 2 days courses to share with others how to work with this beautiful energy & become more attuned with every layer of yourself. ????????????

There are so many elements to this course, you can expect to learn how to:

????Protecting your energy
????Cleanse your energy
????Work with your reiki guides
????Connect with your higher self
????Learn self treatments
????Learn how to share healing with others
????Gain in-depth knowledge about chakras ????Balance all aspects of the mind body and soul.
????You can use it to support your children & loved ones.
????Nurture pain, teething & migraines.
????Release toxic relationships
????Learn to meditate
????Release old patterns
There are many different courses out there , some very practical and others have very much lost their authenticity. Different approaches will suit different people. Some now offer the course in a day, or level 1 & 2 together. Mine is true to Usui's teachings and quite a spiritual journey, we need the 2 days to truly embrace the teachings & a 12 month gap is advised between levels to allow you time to grow into the energy . ????????

Reiki really is incredible, it brings an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. So if you’re a stressy person healing would work wonders for you.

It also helps promote
????Superior sleep
????Clarity of mind
????Boosts immune system
????Balances the chakra system
????Relieves migraines and headaches
????Reduces Depression
????Reduces Anxiety / Stress
????Minimise/Deminish Panic Attacks

My honest opinion is that Reiki is a life changer & that everybody should do the first level. It's about healing yourself not others ????????

My investment to you as my Reiki student is priceless in my eyes, as on going support is greatly needed to help you grow into the energy & embrace Reiki fully.

If you feel we are right for each other please get in touch. ????????????????
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