Reiki Master Level Course. Book today for £35 Deposit.

Reiki Level Four - Master Teacher Level Workshop:

Book with just £35 deposit. You can also split the remainder of the balance between the remaining weeks / months prior to your course.

Requirements for Reiki Level Four / Reiki Master Teacher:

Reiki Four or Reiki Master Teacher Level is suitable for anyone wishing to pass on their knowledge of Reiki and attune others. You must have already been attuned to Reiki Level one, two and three. This level is divided into one and a half days.

Learning Objectives

Day One
Recap of all Reiki levels
Recap of all Reiki symbols
How to prepare for your attunements
How to perform a Reiki attunement
How attunements work
Reiki attunement prompt sheet
Reiki attunement demo
Preparation of your own Reiki Manuals and teaching aids
​Day Two

Presentation of all your manuals and teaching aids
Display your knowledge of the attunement process
Reiki Master Teacher Attunement.
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