Veterans Day Parade will be November 10t 2018

Greetings Everybody

We will meet the 1st Wednesday of every month at troop I American Legion 432 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202 time 4:30 pm Coutesy Ryan Mathew

The Veterans Day Parade Committee would like to Thank everyone for there support today and in the future as we strive to produce a better ,stronger and more publicly visible Parade. John we Would Like to Thank you for your Continuous hard Work and Inspiration

We will need help in the following areas

1. Corporate Sponsors
2. permits managemnet team
3 Contacting all Buffalo VFW/American Legion Post to attend our next Parade planning Meeting
4 Everybody please consider alternate parade routes with high Public access to get our attendance up within your surroundings

example - We Need a Committee to manage Rotating the parade routes to a different area every year with Buffalo Common Council Support
If Slow Roll can do it we can figure out something short and sweet
Route 1 Mckinnley Parkway/Abbott Rd
Route 2 Hertle Ave
Route 3 Niagara Street to Armory
Route 4 Broadway/Filmore Ave Mlk Park
Route 5 Grant Street area
Route 6 The Old 1st Ward
Route 7 Jefferson Ave

We Look Forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting March 7th 2018 Wednesday - 4 :30 pm

Our Veterans Have Earned Their Place of Honor Lets Plan a PARADE worthy to make everyone Proud :)

Thanks Van

Music on The FrontLines please call Phil Arnold Veterans Day Parade Chair 7l6 912 6952 or 716 855 1754 Van Taylor
or email Mathew Ryan or John Kasmer for Marching unit information
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