Azura Memory Care

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Celebrate moments of Joy - EVERY DAY! At Azura, we are truly transforming the culture of memory care by knowing our residents and treating them as we would want to be treated. We're proud of the caliber of programming we provide, and we promise you that your loved one will be cared for with respect and unparalleled support for their physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Most people are drawn to a home because of how it looks. While we have taken great care in designing a home that creates an environment that bolsters our residents, we realize that the most important part isn’t how fancy the building is, but who is walking the floor. This is why we have created MOSAIC — an exclusive, research-based, and personally-tested training program for our team.

The program encompasses over 90 hours of yearly training for each team member — helping them to weave every moment of care into a MOSAIC of love, engagement, and support for our residents. We recognize that the caregivers and the care that they provide is what is truly important. It’s not the walls or the amenities that will be approaching, communicating, and being with your loved one when you are not there. The caregivers will be. And they are the ones who can give the hugs!

Experience Azura. Experience Joy.
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