Battle Mountain

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Battle Mountain is a mountain in east-central British Columbia, Canada, located in the south-east region of Wells Gray Provincial Park. The Clearwater River flows to the west, Stevens Lakes are to the east, Philip Creek is to the south and Hemp Creek is to the north. Battle Mountain is part of the Shuswap Highland. There are three summits in the group, ranging from 2306m to 2369m.Battle Mountain is accessible by a combination of road and trail. It is a popular summer tourist attraction and is especially noted for colourful alpine meadows. The access trail is longer and more strenuous than the one to nearby Trophy Mountain to the south, so fewer people visit Battle Mountain and the Caribou Meadows. The hike to the meadows can be accomplished as a day outing, but hikers who want to attain Fiftytwo Ridge and Battle Mountain summit should plan for two days and carry overnight equipment.AccessBattle Mountain Road turns east off Clearwater Valley Road 26.6km north of the Yellowhead Highway. The gravel road is passable for all vehicles for the first 2.4km, then it becomes steep and rough; so that a high-clearance vehicle is necessary for the next 5km to the parking lot.A well-used trail starts here. The first section is the steepest and climbs 248m in 2.1km up the canyon of Philip Creek to a hanging valley where Philip Lake is located. Then it continues at an easier grade, ascending 170m to the beginning of the Caribou Meadows. The trail meanders through the meadows, along the west shore of Fight Lake, then climbs to the top of Fiftytwo Ridge. Beyond there, it is a hiking route through meadows and rock which first descends into Bull Valley, then climbs onto Battle Mountain itself. The hiking season on Battle Mountain is from late June through September.
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